In Woolfed, you play a small sheep who needs to gather as much fruit as they can. But beware of the wolves roaming the land! You will need to master the art of wool growing, and wool throwing, in order to sneak past them.

How to play:

  1. Eat a bush to grow wool of a specific color. As long as you wear that wool, you will be  less visible when walking in all terrain of that color. But you will also be slower!
  2. Wolves are very dangerous, but you can throw your wool at them to slow them down and have a chance to escape.
  3. Find the hidden fruit to win the game!


  • Arrow keys: Move
  • Spacebar : Shoot Wool
  • E : Eat Bush

This game was made in 72h during Mini Jam 36.

Updated 28 days ago
Made withUnity
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

The WebGL version of the game has some performance issues on some browsers, it works best on Chrome.

Download the Windows version for the best experience!


Woolfed 0.41 - 23 MB
Woolfed 0.41 - 23 MB

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