Game Objective:

  • Create Bots to collect Crystals in Collectors
  • You cannot control directly your Bots, you need to give Orders to them!
  • Bots will regularly Bug, so they will become hostile and attack friendly Bots!
  • Defend against buggy Bots and protect your economy!

How to play:

Select an action with the buttons at the bottom, or by pressing keys 1 to 6, then click to act:

  • [1] Fire cannon: Click to fire, beware it will damage friendly buildings & bots as well!
  • [2] Spawn Bot: Click to send a bot, its default task will be to Build
  • [3] Order to Mine:  Click to change targeted bot task to Mine. Bots who mine will collect a resource, then look for a Collector to drop it.
  • [4] Order to Build: Click to change targeted bot task to Build. Bots who build will look for unfinished buildings to build.
  • [5] Build Collector: Click to build a Collector, so that bots assigned to Mining can bring Resources to it
  • [6] Build Tower: Click to build a Tower that will target buggy Bots.

Made withUnity


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I dig the cannon, projectile and especially explosion effect!

Good idea, but seems to be a bit problematic in controls, I can't order to mine or bulkl.