Hydra - 7DRL Submission

You play as a rogue detective in a city rotten with crime. A big syndicate has its hand on most of the city. You need to gather information on all of their members in order to take them out. Find out who they are, and slay the Hydra.


How to play:

Map mode: Mouse to Navigate

  • Click on a member to investigate them. Beware of the investigation cost, and the discovery chance. The more powerful the member, the higher the cost and the lower the discovery chance.
  • When you have gathered enough information about a member, you may infiltrate their HQ.
  • On this screen, you can also buy more Stun charges to increase your odds in battle.

HQ mode: Arrow Keys to Move, Space bar to Stun, any other key to Wait

  • In HQ mode, you enter the HQ of the selected member. The more powerful this member is, the bigger the HQ will be.
  • Press the space bar to launch a Stun charge, which will stun the enemy with a range of 2 tiles
  • Collect information and money within the HQ to prepare for future investigations.
  • Return to the trap door in the entrance to leave the level. Once you leave, you will not be able to return to this HQ!

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